Custom RF Cable Assemblies, Flexible RF, Semi-Rigid RF, Conformable RF - Full Manufacturing Services

Standard and Custom Coaxial Cable Assemblies for Computers, LANs, Automotive, and more

We manufacture and supply quality standard and custom RF cable assemblies and electromechanical wiring harnesses for medical, computer, LAN, RF, automotive, CCTV and communications applications. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to service you quickly and economically with both short production runs and volume manufacturing. We can build custom cables to meet your requirements, whether standard or to customer spec. Complete product design, materials, product manufacture, assembly, testing, and packaging are available. Top quality design and manufacturing is assured through a highly trained engineering and manufacturing staff as well as a strict system of quality control processes that govern our entire operation. We serve our family of customers with the following types of RF cables:

  • Flexible RF cable assemblies
  • Conformable RF cable assemblies
  • Semi-rigid RF cable assemblies

RF Cable Assemblies are very cost effective in transmitting high frequency signals. All our RF cable assemblies are engineered to meet or exceed the latest industry standards. Our RF expertise spans the broadest variety of coaxial cable types and RF connector types. We manufacture cables with RG59, RG62, and RG6 coaxial cable in Quad Shield and Tri Shield, among others.  In our RF cables we utilize the following brands of cable, as well as any cable brand of your choice: Andrew, Beldon, Coleman, CommScope, Harbour, Thermax, Times, etc.  As far as options for connectors, our RF assemblies utilize: SMA connectors, SMB, BNC connectors, TNC, UHF, F connectors, MCX,  MMCX, RCA connectors, TwinAx,  Mini-UHF, N connector, and many other coaxial connectors.

Please call on us for any of the following:

  • RG62 Coaxial Cables
  • RG59 Cables
  • RG58 Coaxial Cable
  • RG174 Coax Cables
  • RG213 Coaxial Cables
  • RG6 Cable
  • RG11 Coaxial Cable
  • RG142 Coaxial Cable
  • RG122 Coax Cables
  • RG223 Coax Cable
  • 735/734 Coaxial Cable
  • DS3 Coax Cables
  • RG316 Coaxial Cable

Examples of frequently requested coax cable categories:

  • Mini DinF to 2BNC F Cables
  • SVGA to Audio Cables
  • 120° Molded BNC Cables
  • BNC to BNC Cables
  • SMA to SMA Cables
  • TNC to SMA Cables
  • SMA to SMB Cables
  • TNC to SSMB Cables
  • SMA to SMA Cables
  • Short BNC Cables
  • Real Panel N to SMA Cables
  • MMCX Cables


Precision, performance, consistency, and value are the few simple words that best describe our cable manufacturing services.  Improve product quality and save precious resources by letting us help you with your RF cable needs. We can economically and reliably perform for you the following services: design, assembly, bending, testing, cable marking, kitting, etc.

We continuously strive to identify, acquire, and combine the most compatible cable components, tooling, and assembly techniques to provide you with the greatest value and selection in RF cables. Once you start working with us you will quickly realize that in addition to quality and price, our greatest competitive advantage is our pursuit of excellence in everything we do.

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